Solveig Borgen

Lambertseter gård 2019

My name is Solveig Borgen and I am a singer from Norway. I have been living in Amsterdam for 9 years and found a great way to use my musicality with wonderful musicians and beautiful music. Besides performing with Solveig Sings  – Scandinavian atmospheric music with a touch of jazz – I performed with different jazz combo’s in Amsterdam and big bands, such as The Fellows Bigband: The AMC Bigband: and The Jazz Warriors: While living in Amsterdam I worked closely with The Norwegian Seaman’s Church and the Scandinavian Embassies:  I also taught singers and actors and gave workshops.

I live in Oslo since September 2015 and happy  to continue my musical journey here. I  perform with different Norwegian jazz combo’ such as: Solveig Sings Jazz på Lambertseter gård December, February and March:   (Se side 12) Føyka Bigband: . I am in charge of cultural events at Lambertseter Gård . I also work for The Norwegian Pop museum in Oslo since April 2018. I often go back to perform in The Netherlands or bring my Dutch band  to Norway. I live now at Jeløy in Moss and will continue singing with bigbands and combos.

2009 (Thijs Cuppen and me)