Collage of Solveig performing with Fellows Bigband from 2009 until 2015.

Pictures form different concert with The Fellows Bigband. I had the best of times. Thank you!

Pictures from different concerts with The Fellows Bigband. I had the best of times. Thank you!

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Recording in famous Wisselord Studio in The Netherlands September 2015

Rehearsing for the recording

First rehearsal

Naud Ingen Hausz

Naut Ingen Hausz

Solveig,Hans Timmer and Jochem van der Wal

Solveig, Hans Timmer and Jochem van der Wal


Sebastiaan van Delft and Iman Spaargaren



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Solveig Sings Press Information 2015

“I am Solveig Borgen. I was born in the north of Norway, surrounded by fairytale landscape with steep mountains, deep green fjords and trolls hiding behind every tree …”

Solveig Sings

The folkjazz group Solveig Sings is partly based in Oslo, Norway as well as in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Scandinavian singer and performer Solveig Borgen is an omnipotent, versatile vocalist who sings in different languages such as Norwegian, Swedish, English and Dutch.

The folk repertoire of Solveig Sings is mixed with jazz flavours and world music grooves from all parts of the world. The exquisite personnel plays originals and own compositions with a flair which is heartfelt. Vocals are accompanied by acoustic guitar and keys. Drums and double bass provide a strong foundation while different reeds give an extra colour to the music. Solveig Sings’ music is a happy marriage between traditional songs and the spirit of freedom of jazz music.

Solveig Borgen – vocals, mouthharp, kazoo, music box, ukelele
Hans Timmer – acoustic guitar
Iman Spaargaren – saxophones, clarinet, flute
Sebastiaan van Delft – piano and organ
Jochem van der Wal – double bass
Naut Ingen Hausz – drums and percussion


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