2017 August: Solveig Sings Scandinavian, jazz and Dutch in Norway with musicians from Amsterdam

1.Byssan Lull-Evert Taube


Solveig Sings with guests from Amsterdam:

  • We play in Naustet Pub in Åsgårdstrand on the 5th of August at 17.00: http://www.asgardstrand.no/motesteder/naustet-pub/
  • We play in The Maria Church in Gran, Hadeland on the 6th of August at 18.00. http://www.gran.kirken.no/index.php/konserter-mm

”The band Solveig Sings is named after the great Scandinavian singer Solveig Borgen. Solveig Sings has an exciting repertoire of atmospheric Scandinavian folk songs mixed with nowadays jazz, free impro, rock and contemporary classical music.

“I’m Solveig Borgen and was born in northern Norway, surrounded by fairytale landscapes with steep mountains, deep green fjords and trolls hiding behind every tree …”

Solveig Sings presents this repertoire of folk songs partly as independent songs, in a traditional way. And partly in a new experimental way while mixing it with other flavours and other colours. By doing this, the music reaches out for more freedom and lyrical expression.”

Line up:

Solveig Borgen – vocals

Iman Spaargaren – tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute

Jochem van der Wal – double bass

Sebastian van Delft – piano and organ

Nout Ingen Housz – drums and percussion

Songs recorded in The Wisseloord Studio in The Netherland

2.Gjendines Bånlåt- Norsk folketone

3.Din lange fant- Norsk folketone

Information and bookings Netherlands:

EyemanMusic / Iman Spaargaren

Tel. +31 (0) 6 22 61 50 09


Information and bookings Norway:

Solveig Sings / Solveig Borgen



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